It takes a lifetime to throw a party like this
Chick @ 70

Chick Corea live with Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlinChick's Birthday Bash 2011

• 10 breathtaking bands
• 30 genius musicians
• 4 awe-inspiring weeks

This May Be the Greatest Assembly of Jazz Musicians by One Artist — in History.

Fifty years ago, Chick arrived in New York City and embarked upon his legendary career as one of the great jazz pianists, composers and bandleaders of our time. And he amassed quite a few friends along the way.

Now he's back. With friends. And in a big way.

Chick celebrated his 60th birthday with a sold-out three-week stint at the Blue Note jazz club in NYC. Every moment was filmed and recorded as the Rendezvous in New York project and the CD went on to garner a Grammy award.

So how does a jazz legend top that for his 70th birthday?
By playing with 10 different bands over 4 glorious weeks throughout November. Where it all began — at the Blue Note, NYC.

Fly, drive or walk — just get yourself to New York and be part of this historic party.

10 Bands Performing with Chick:

Return to Forever Unplugged, live in New YorkReturn to Forever Unplugged

Featuring Chick, Stanley Clarke, Lenny White and Frank Gambale (fresh from their hugely successfully world tour with Return to Forever IV).

Nov 1 /  8pm
Nov 1 /  10:30pm
Nov 2  /  8pm
Nov 2  /  10:30pm

Corea / Peacock / Blade Trio

Gary Peacock and Brian Blade join Chick for one night only! Peacock, the brilliant bassist in Keith Jarrett’s “standards” trio, is a long time friend and collaborator with Chick. Blade, also appearing later in the week with the Five Peace Band, is one of the most in-demand drummers on the planet.

Nov 3  /  8pm
Nov 3  /  10:30pm

Five Peace Band live in New York CityFive Peace Band

Three nights with guitar legend John McLaughlin & the Five Peace Band, also featuring Kenny Garrett, John Patitucci and Brian Blade. Having RTF and John McLaughlin on the bill in the same week is like seeing the Beatles & Stones of jazz/rock fusion. The band's CD titled Five Peace Band Live won the 2010 Best Jazz Instrumental Album Grammy award.

Nov 4  /  8pm
Nov 4  /  10:30pm
Nov 5  /  8pm
Nov 5  /  10:30pm
Nov 6  /  8pm
Nov 6  /  10:30pm

Bobby McFerrin live with Chick in New York CityChick Corea & Bobby McFerrin Duet

Week two kicks off with the storied duet of Chick and Bobby McFerrin. They have recorded two albums of far-reaching jazz and classical music. Their musical chemistry is legendary — a high-wire act without a net. Also look for some special guests to join them.

Nov 8  /  8pm
Nov 8  /  10:30pm
Nov 9  /  8pm
Nov 9  /  10:30pm
Nov 10  /  8pm
Nov 10  /  10:30pm

Gary Burton and the Harlem String Quartet, live in New York CityChick Corea & Gary Burton with the Harlem String Quartet

Next up is a true first for the Blue Note: Chick Corea & Gary Burton welcome the Harlem String Quartet, playing a preview of their upcoming CD Hot House (release date: February 2012). With this arrangement, Corea & Burton are pioneering a new sound: chamber jazz.

Nov 11  /  8pm
Nov 11  /  10:30pm
Nov 12  /  8pm
Nov 12  /  10:30pm
Nov 13  /  8pm
Nov 13  /  10:30pm

Miles Davis backstage with ChickFrom Miles

Miles Davis debuted many of the biggest names in jazz in his own bands. Here Chick assembles a quintet of them: Eddie Gomez, Jack DeJohnette, Wallace Roney and Gary Bartz. They’ll be exploring the music of the master and their own expansive sound. Corea & DeJohnette’s history with Miles stretches back to the seminal Bitches Brew sessions.

Nov 15  /  8pm
Nov 15  /  10:30pm
Nov 16  /  8pm
Nov 16  /  10:30pm
Nov 17  /  8pm
Nov 17  /  10:30pm

Chick's Flamenco Heart

Passionate, fiery and soulful, the top Flamenco and Spanish jazz artists meld with Chick for 3 nights: Latin superstar Concha Buika, the African-Inspired Flamenco singer who sold out New York's Town Hall; flamenco legends guitarist Nino Josele, bassist Carles Benavent and flautist Jorge Pardo (all veterans of Paco De Lucia's band); and one of Spain's most in-demand drummers, Jeff Ballard (who moved to the country to be immersed in his love of Spanish/Flamenco rhythms). Appropriately dubbed Chick’s Flamenco Heart, this is an extension of Chick’s landmark album My Spanish Heart and his most famous composition— Spain.

Nov 18  /  8pm
Nov 18  /  10:30pm
Nov 19  /  8pm
Nov 19  /  10:30pm
Nov 20  /  8pm
Nov 20  /  10:30pm

Marcus Roberts live with Chick Corea in New York CityChick Corea & Marcus Roberts Piano Duet

Marcus Roberts joins Chick for one night only. Roberts, a longtime partner of Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at Lincoln Center, has mastered every style of jazz piano since the pre-bop era.

Nov 22  /  8pm
Nov 22  /  10:30pm

Chick Corea & Herbie Hancock Duet

One night only! An unbelievable must-see show: Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock, piano duet. In 1978, at the height of electric jazz, Corea & Hancock shocked the jazz world by touring as an acoustic piano duet. Since that legendary pairing, their collaborations have been extremely rare.

Nov 23  /  8pm
Nov 23  /  10:30pm

Elektric Band live with Chick in New York CityThe Chick Corea Elektric Band

Chick wraps up the month with the original Elektric Band: Eric Marienthal, Frank Gambale, John Patitucci and Dave Weckl. This is the lineup that defined the sound of electric jazz in the 1980s, with a series of masterpieces including Light Years and Eye of the Beholder.

Nov 25  /  8pm
Nov 25  /  10:30pm
Nov 26  /  8pm
Nov 26  /  10:30pm
Nov 27  /  8pm
Nov 27  /  10:30pm

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